Exploration: Weekends

The weekend isn’t a guarantee–it’s a gift. Decades ago, somebody decided that employees should have the weekend off and most businesses followed suit. If you’re lucky enough to get Saturday and Sunday off, here’s why you should appreciate this mini-holiday at the end of the week.

1. You Can Take Time for Yourself

When the weekend gets here, you can kick back, relax and do what you’ve been wanting to do all week. Maybe that means hanging out with your kids or catching up on your favorite TV shows. You don’t have to be at work by a certain time or deal with customers all day. You can even sleep in if you don’t have kids banging on your door at 8 A.M.

2. You Can Get Your Chores Done

Completing household chores might not sound like a fun way to spend the weekend, but you’ll have a sense of accomplishment once your house is clean and orderly again. During the week, you just want to come home and crash on the sofa after work. The weekend is that rare time when you’re relaxed, well-rested and ready to take on the day.

3. You Can Travel for the Weekend

Traveling during the middle of the week is difficult, especially when you have to be at work by 7 A.M. the next morning. When the weekend arrives, you can hop in your vehicle and drive to another state or check out that tourist destination that you’ve heard so much about.

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