Exploration: Sunny Days

A sunny day might not sound like anything to be grateful for. You don’t control the weather–it’s just a natural part of the Earth’s climate. However, sunny days are actually a great privilege that some people don’t get to enjoy. Here’s why you should be grateful for sunny days.

1. They Put You in a Good Mood

It’s hard not to smile when you wake up and see the sun shining, the birds singing and green leaves fluttering in the wind. Sunny days make you feel relaxed, optimistic and happy to be alive. Even if you have a bad day at work, you’ll have the sunshine to look forward to when you leave for the day.

2. You Get to Enjoy the Outdoors

When spring arrives, the bitter cold of winter melts away. You can step outside and breathe in the fresh air, feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin and go for a walk without needing to put on three jackets. You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, apple picking, swimming, tanning and much more. Plus, you won’t have to brace yourself for the chill every time you step outside.

3. Not Everyone Gets to Enjoy Them

While you’re enjoying a cheerful sunny day, someone on the other side of the world is bundling up for winter. These sunny days won’t last forever–in a few months, fall will arrive and the days will start getting shorter. It’s important to appreciate this time while you have it.

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