Review: Portugal. The Man’s Woodstock

Portugal. The Man started releasing the music from their Woodstock album toward the end of 2016 and by the middle of 2017, a huge swath of the country discovered this band, which had been underappreciated for far too long. Ironically for the band, though not for the country, this album while sending the band to new heights of acclaim and commercial success, is firmly rooted in nostalgic themes.


Over the last couple years, as the dust has started to settle on the promotional saturation of the lead tracks, the album as a whole has proved remarkably durable in the two years since it was first popularized. Maybe because “Feel it Still” and, to a lesser extent, “Live in the Moment” took so much of the brunt of this promotional campaign, that gratefully the rest of the tracks were left fairly unscathed. Maybe because so much of the country was busy discovering the rest of the band’s discography.

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