Exploration: Cats

My previous “Explorations” were simple bulleted lists, but I’m going to switch to paragraphs in order to better unpack why I’m grateful for these things. Up next? Cats.


I have two cats: Charlie and Mouse. Charlie is mine, and she’s close to three years old. Mouse was adopted as a kitten by my partner around a year before we met, and he’s around four years old. They’re weird little dudes with weird little personalities. It feels like Charlie has adopted some of my characteristics; she’s a bit high strung, super chatty, and very food-driven (ha). Mouse is a lot like my partner; relaxed, chill, and, to be honest, a bit lazy. They make a great pair, but they can be a huge pain in the ass.


Here’s an example: We have to lock these dummies out of our bedroom every night. If we don’t, Mouse will stomp into the room, jump up to the bed headboard, walk across, and shriek into the corner until one of us gets up to feed him. Charlie is slightly sneakier; she runs under the bed and claws at the mattress, shaking the entire frame and making a huge commotion in the process. Once under the bed, she’s impossible to extract. Neither will leave their post until I or my partner gets up to feed them.


This is where they get more annoying. If we lock them out of the room, they’ll just scratch on the door until we get up. So, we have to lock them in an entirely different room. One with its own door that we can’t hear. But here’s the thing: they know the game. If they wake me up at two in the morning, I’ll walk into the ”cat room” and pretend to start feeding them (they’re both too fat to actually feed them). Mouse often follows me in—he hasn’t figured it out yet. Charlie, on the other hand, won’t enter the room unless she sees food. If I try to grab her, she runs to hide under the coffee table. To get her into the room, I have to click the top of a wet food container—that’s generally enough to get her to believe there’s food in there. Then, I run out of the room, shut the door, and go the hell back to sleep. They’re too smart for their own good.


Even though these idiots do everything they can to prevent my partner and I from getting a good night’s sleep, I’m still grateful for them. Sure, they’re loud, they’re unapologetic, and I’ve never heard either of them say “thank you” after dinner. But they’re incredibly good companions and seem to understand when we most need a quick snuggle. Also, they’re cute as hell and make for some pretty easy social media content.


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