“Grateful Moments”

We can only ever be so grateful and thankful for the things and people that exist in our lives. This is a platform to, well, take note of my personal limitations of being grateful. In other words, this is a space for complaints.



Grateful to have missed my train by three minutes. Grateful for the rain, which will both resuscitate the earth and ruin my shoes.



Grateful for bank’s customer service provisions. Grateful for fellow people who have a talent for wellbeing.



Grateful for the fellow art museum attendee who continues to ask which paints I identify with. Grateful to not identify with any paintings.



Grateful for the watery French mustard that has made me intensely aware of the area behind my nose; I’d been craving extreme sensations.



Grateful to have walked two miles to check out a new coffee spot. Grateful for its temporary, maintenance-related closing. Grateful for the existence of the Internet and the people who utilize this as a means of disseminating important information, such as a temporary, maintenance-related closing.

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